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Kondumala Megalithic Burial site of south India (TN)

Kodumanal was a prosperous industrial and trade centre that made iron and steel, textiles, more

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Arikamedu – The Lost Roman Trading Port Of India

Proposal for tentative “world heritage site” of UNESCO. Artkamedu -Ancient habitational site of the south

Subhadip Mukherjee ~ The Indian Vagabond


Travelling to a heritage site always makes me happy the reason being that I get to transform myself back centuries and feel the grandeur amongst the ruins. When I was traveling to Pondicherry and was researching the various interesting places in and around Pondicherry then I chanced upon the name of Arikamedu. Searching online revealed that this is an archaeological site currently under ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).

Interestingly Arikamedu has a history that not many are aware of and the significance of the place is not only important for India but ancient Rome (Europe) also. Arikamedu was one of the most important and prominent trading ports of India with the Roman Empire dated as early as 2 BC. This place also finds a mention in Periplus Maris Erythrian which is basically the trade route map of the Roman Empire.

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